Sunday, September 26, 2010

Off in a new direction

Sometime you really have to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself as much as others do.  I have been told a lot that people think I have a lot of talent and like my work but not until recently have I really begun to believe that they might be right.

My friend Matthew is writing a one-man-show called Gay Zombie, I must admit I am pretty excited to go see it!  If your in NY you must come out, it's opening right before Halloween.  I have to give Matthew a lot of credit, not only is he very talented but he has always remained true to himself and done what he knows is right for him, which may not be the norm.  This week he and I and an amazing make-up artist all got together to do some promo shots for his show.  I have to say it was talent coming from all three of us that made the shoot go so well and I have to say I am pretty impressed with the finish product.  

I am inspired by others everyday but I have to say, today, I am inspired by my own abilities.  

Here are my favorite shots from the shoot.

Life Changes

Can't say life has been dull or boring the past few weeks.  A lot has changed, but I think it was time.

Ever feel like you get the kick in the ass that you've needed to really head in the direction you would like to?  I believe that is what has happened to me.

I went on vacation with my family, which gave me a lot of time to sleep and relax before heading back into a crazy week at work.  I have to say no matter how many times we visit the same place, I love it just as much if not more each time we go.

Photography is back!  Here are a few shots from OBX2010.

See ya next year OBX!