Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rainy start to the week

Cold and rainy end of August here in NY, a little slow at work, which has left a little down time to bop around.

I have a small obsession with icons right now and came across quite a few I like.

Especially loved these for back to school.  Just so fun and playful.

Also came across a few cool design ideas.

I absolutely LOVE this idea... definitely something I am going to keep in my bag of tricks.

I have seen quiet a few dye-cut projects that I really like as well.

This one in particular for the School of Visual Arts.

That's all for now!  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Up, down and all around Seattle

I've been back from Seattle for about a month now and have finally developed some of the pictures I took.  Seattle is awesome place to just chill, hang out and eat some very delicious fresh fresh fresh food!

I was with two of the best people to explore a city with while there, which just made the trip that much more fantastic.  Here's a little look at the 3 day marathon all over the rainy city (which it didn't rain until the 4th of July, oh well).

Our tourism day started of course with a ride up the Space Needle.

A few views from the top of the Space Needle.  Seattle has some of the coolest skies I've seen.

The off to the Sci-Fi museum we went...

Then to the Music Experience Project.

A few other events happen this day... none too worthy of reporting, unless you would like an hour recap of the AMAZING, "naughty" dessert we had at Serious Pie.  If you're ever in Seattle you must try to budino, it will change your life.

The flowers are Pike Place Market are to die for.  
They have huge bouquets for $7-$15!  I've never seen anything like them.

The freshest, most delicious produce in the US, hands down!

I would eat so well if I lived in Seattle.

Shots down by the sculpture park.

4th of July at Snoqualmie Falls, it was dark a dreary nothing a good waterfall can't fix.

Goodbye Seattle!